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LiveRecover & Levia.ai đŸ€–âšĄïž integration

Are you interested in a LiveRecover and Levia.ai đŸ€–âšĄïž integration? Let us know!

About LiveRecover

LiveRecover provides a human-powered, text message-based abandoned cart recovery tool for eCommerce. The tool uses contact information from the checkout process to follow up with customers manually. This process enables LiveRecover to answer customer questions in real-time to help convert the abandoned cart into a sale.

About Levia.ai đŸ€–âšĄïž

Conversational AI Technologies with BERT, CamemBERT et GPT3 : Turning knowledge bases into conversational agents answering requests in natural language without any training. QA, NLP, NLU - Chatbot, conversational search - Customer care & sale - Messaging & Live chat channel For retail, e-commerce, IT, HR...



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